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Raspberry Heritage

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Raspberry Heritage (Rubus idaeus) is an Autumn cropping variety with disease resistance to most common Raspberry diseases. A good variety to grow for an extended cropping season, Heritage is a Primocane variety so it fruits on new canes.

Protect Raspberries from extreme heat and damaging winds during Summer. Needs a well drained fertile soil and adequate water during the Summer months. Raspberries require a cold Winter to enable adequate fruit set. Cut back all canes in winter as this variety will flower and fruit on current season’s growth. Plant 30cm apart. Prefers a full sun to part shade and likes weekly watering in summer.

Supplied as a dormant cane.

General Information: Grow the canes against a wall or fence or support with a trellis. If grown in rows, allow 1.5m between rows. Most berries bear fruit on 2nd year wood. The canes will grow vigorously the first year and then flower and fruit the second year.
Soil: Likes a rich, well drained soil.
Watering: For optimum fruit production canes need to be kept well watered. Will benefit from mulching in spring to conserve moisture in summer and keep roots cool.
Fertilising: Prior to planting well-rotted animal manure, blood and bone or complete fertiliser should be thoroughly worked into the soil. As growth starts apply a complete fertiliser and a compost of well-rotted animal manure.
Pruning: In winter prune the canes that bore fruit down to the ground and tie dormant canes to the support. These will fruit the following year.
Tips: Protect plants from hot winds, and ripening berries from birds. Best grown in areas with a cold winter as a ‘chilling period’ will assist fruit set.