DIY Seed Raising Mix

Starting your plants from seed is an incredibly fun and rewarding process. You can sow seeds directly into your garden (this is always my first choice) but sometimes it isn't possible. If you have crops growing and want to get a head start on the season or if you live in an area with frost, you will want to start your seeds elsewhere and transplant later on. To do this, a good seed raising mix is important. While you can simply go and buy a seed raising mix from any garden centre, I'm here to tell you that not all seed raising mixes are created equal.




Whilst a bought mix is fine and retains moisture well they can also be devoid of nutrients and this is where making your own seed raising mix can give your plants the best start to life. In my early days of gardening, I used a bought mix and I often found that my seeds would germinate but my plants would never progress much further than germination. This made me start researching different seed raising mixes and I'm going to share the mix I currently use. There are many different combinations you can use (I've even just used straight compost before and had success) so it can pay to play around with the ingredients and find a mix you like.


DIY Seed Raising Mix Recipe

2 parts compost
1 part coconut coir
1 part sand
1 part aged sheep manure
Small handful of worm castings (if you have them)
    If your compost has large chunks, it is a good idea to sift it first to create a fine mix. Simply put all ingredients together in a bowl or bucket and mix. It can be a good idea to let the mix sit for a few days prior to using it but it's not necessary. 
    You can sow your seeds in trays, toilet rolls, coir pots or anything you would like. Just pick what you want to use and fill with seed raising mix. 

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