Honeydew, Lime and Mint Sorbet

One day I was at the supermarket with my eldest son and he asked me for a Honeydew Melon. I rarely buy them as I must admit, on their own, they don't sit at the top of my priority list. But I was happy to comply as I'm sure if it wasn't this melon it was going to be something red from "isle 2". He polished it off in no time and as a boy after my own heart, saved the seeds and planted two. A couple of months later, we had multiple Honeydews growing in our garden. I have never grown them before and knowing when to pick them was very tricky. I ended up waiting till the skin went waxy and the stalk dried out a little, but with him asking me everyday to pick one, I caved. To my surprise it was sweet and aromatic.  

With so many melons to consume from my garden, I decided to freeze them and felt lime and mint would be great complimentary flavours to make a refreshing mojito-flavoured dessert for those hot summer evenings after a BBQ with friends. Having a Thermomix makes this recipe super quick once your fruit is frozen. You can substitute the Thermomix for a good quality food processor. 



2 limes 

500grams of honeydew melon 

75grams of sugar 

1 egg white 

Handful of fresh mint leaves  

Extra lime and mint leaves for garnish


1. Juice two limes and freeze the juice in an ice-cube try.  

2. Peel and scoop out the seeds of your melon. Chop into small pieces and place into a freezer safe container.  Add mint leaves. 

3. Place in freezer until fruit is frozen through.  

4. Place sugar into food processor/Thermomix and process on high for 10 seconds until it is a fine powder.  

5. Add frozen fruit and mint leaves, frozen lime juice and egg white and on a medium speed combine until smooth.  

6. Serve immediately. 


1. If using a Thermomix, you can use their "Fruit Sorbet" recipe which is found in the Basic Cook Book and substitute the fruit with the melon, lime and mint.
2. For something extra special for the adults, scoop the sorbet into a cocktail glass, add one shot of white rum and a dash of soda water and stir to combined! Yum!