UVP Anemone De Caen Pink 10pk

UVP Anemone De Caen Pink 10pk

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Stunning bedding anemone flowering mid-winter. Bright pink flowers born above neat 'parsley' like foliage. Anemones are easy to grow, flowering for months with little effort and make a lovely cut flower. 

  • HEIGHT:    35cm+                     
  • WIDTH:    20cm
  • SUPPLIED AS: Dormant Corms
  • PLANT DEPTH: 3cm
  • PLANTING WINDOW: March - July
  • FLOWERING TIME: May-September
  • GROWING ZONES: Vic, SA, TAS, NSW, QLD ex Tropics.

Anemone need a full sun position but can tolerate some dappled light. Prepare your beds to a depth of 20cm, making sure the soil is light and fluffy. It does not matter which direction you plant your corms, they will sort themselves out as they grow. Allow 20cm between each corm, to allow for adequate spreading spacing.

If growing your Anemone in a pot, select a high quality potting mix that is free draining. Some gravel in the base of the pot will assist with any drainage issues. Ensure the corm is well fed and watered right up until dormancy.

Anemone DO NOT require refrigeration. Feed your corms as they come into bloom, and make sure you leave the foliage to fully die down - this feeds and grows NEXT year's flower. 

Prior to planting, corms can be pre-soaked in a 1/3rd strength seasol solution. This aides with even germination and flowering time.

Happy Gardening!