Bearded Iris Midnight Blue

Bearded Iris Midnight Blue

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A tall growing, late bloomer. Huge blooms, great perfume and strong growth! 150cm in height.

  • HEIGHT:    150cm                     
  • WIDTH:    15cm
  • SUPPLIED AS: Dormant Rhizome
  • PLANT DEPTH: Leave foliage exposed, cover rhizome by apx 2cm.
  • PLANTING WINDOW: Year round.
  • FLOWERING TIME: October - November.
  • GROWING ZONES: All states ex full tropical areas.
  • FRAGRANT: Slight

Bearded Iris need a full sun position but can tolerate some dappled light. Prepare your beds to a depth of 20cm, making sure the soil is light and fluffy. Plant the rhizome with the 'roots' facing down, and the fan of foliage exposed from the soil. Rhizome should be no more than 2-3cm under the surface. 20cm between each Rhizome, however a less full result can be achieved if you choose to plant further apart. 

If growing your Bearded Iris in a pot, select a high quality potting mix that is free draining. Some gravel in the base of the pot will assist with any drainage issues. Ensure the Iris is well fed and watered year round. Potting mix for bearded iris should be changed over annually, during the summer months.

Bearded Iris DO NOT require refrigeration. Feed your Iris as they come into bloom, and make sure you leave the foliage to fully die down - this feeds and grows NEXT year's flower.