Garlic Italian Red

Garlic Italian Red

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Hot rich and aggressive flavour. Distinctive teardrop shaped bulb of 6-7 cm with flat to convex base. White skin, often with purple blotching or striping especially in cooler climates.

Typically, 12+ cloves in two or three layers. Outer cloves are large, flat and inwardly curving, inner cloves smaller, taller and more slender

·        Plant cloves 150mm apart with pointy tip upwards.

·        Clove tops about 25mm below surface. 

·        Do not feed heavily. After 6 weeks, apply light spray of a liquid fertiliser monthly. 

·        Moist not wet soil.

·        Grows well in NSW, Vic & SA. 

·        Store in ventilated place away from direct sunlight.

·        Stores 5 – 6 months