Garlic White Crookneck

Garlic White Crookneck

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Australian grown Garlic

Mid strength flavour with mild burst of heat and garlicky taste.

Large round flattened bulbs with flat to convex base. Heavily purple striped (following cold winters) or pink/purple blush in warmer climates. Likes cool winters and hot dry summer. 8 to 12 cloves in single layer. Large cloves. Purple stripe/blush.

·        Plant cloves 150mm apart with pointy tip upwards.

·        Clove tops about 25mm below surface. 

·        Do not feed heavily. After 6 weeks, apply light spray of a liquid fertiliser monthly. 

·        Moist not wet soil.

·        Grows well in NSW, Vic & SA. 

·        Store in ventilated place away from direct sunlight.

·        Stores 5 – 6 months