Ultimate Veggie Bundle 20 Pack

Ultimate Veggie Bundle 20 Pack

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The Ultimate Veggie bundle for an overflowing and abundant Summer garden! Included:

1 x Tomato Tommy Toe
1 x Tomato Brandywine Pink
1 x Zucchini Cocozelle
1 x Eggplant Black Beauty
1 x Bean Blue Lake 
1 x Lettuce Loose Leaf 
1 x Carrot Rainbow Mix
1 x Chilli Cayenne 
1 x Crystal Salad Cucumber
1 x Capsicum California Wonder

1 x Pumpkin QLD Blue

1 x Watermelon Sugar baby
1 x Rockmelon Hales Jumbo
1 x Tomato Roma
1 x Bean Purple King
1 x Beetroot Early Wonder
1 x Swiss Chard
1 x Eggplant Casper
1 x Squash Bennings Green Tint 
1 x Corn Super Sweet Max F1

Seed packets come in a UVP drawstring bag.