UVP Muscari/Grape Hyacinth Mixed 10pk

UVP Muscari/Grape Hyacinth Mixed 10pk

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Commonly called grape hyacinths, this mix is sure to be a crowd pleaser. A good multiplier and seldom offered. Mid spring blooming. South African bulbs, they are ideal in a bulb meadow, or planted in hot and harsh environments.

  • HEIGHT:    25cm                     
  • WIDTH:    10cm
  • SUPPLIED AS: Dormant Bulbs
  • PLANT DEPTH: 5cm
  • PLANT SPACING: 5-10cm
  • PLANTING WINDOW: April - July
  • FLOWERING TIME: September
  • GROWING ZONES: Vic, SA, TAS, NSW ex Sub tropics, QLD cool regions. 
  • CUT FLOWER: Yes (but small)

Muscari need a full sun position but can tolerate some dappled light. Prepare your beds to a depth of 20cm, making sure the soil is light and fluffy. Plant the bulbs with the 'fat' end down at a depth of 6cm. Allow 10cm between each bulb, however a less full result can be achieved if you choose to plant further apart. 

If growing your Muscari in a pot, select a high quality potting mix that is free draining. Some gravel in the base of the pot will assist with any drainage issues. Ensure the bulb is well fed and watered right up until dormancy.